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Picture of the sexy profile of LuanaBelleX, for a very hot webcam live show !
Picture of the sexy profile of LuanaBelleX, for a very hot webcam live show !
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Introducing LuanaBelleX

Mature Female
Pricing details Private Show : $3.59 / min
"Xclusive" Price : $3.41 / min
"SneakPeek" Price : $2.24
CategoryMature Female Spoken language(s)  French,  English,  Italian In my show : 69, Femdom, Heels, Hairy, Oral, Secretary, Foot, Stockings, Hair Colour, Legs, Shoes Sign up dateTuesday, 10 June 2014
Age44 years old Height173 Weight56 Hair ColourFair Hair Hair LengthLong Eye ColourBlack Measurements96-65-96BustBig Ethnic GroupLatin SexFemaleBody TypeAthletic Appearance of the BodyHairy Sex PartsShaved

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Sexy photos of LuanaBelleX

Some of the photos below may have been taken directly from the sexy live chat via LuanaBelleX ’s webcam
LuanaBelleX - Sexy live show with sex cam on XloveCam® LuanaBelleX - Sexy live show with sex cam on XloveCam® LuanaBelleX - Sexy live show with sex cam on XloveCam® LuanaBelleX - Sexy live show with sex cam on XloveCam®

Sexy videos of LuanaBelleX

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Comments on LuanaBelleX ’s sexy liveshow

All comments below have been left by people who have spent some time in a hot and sexy show, via live webcam with LuanaBelleX
treepaul 09/03/2015 16:00
A so special moment with a Star! Some real feelings & more sweet words, always in same spirit,heart & love too! Marvellous woman are you in my life! i appreciate that moment when you bright in my day! Kisses ,Stay my star long time.
treepaul 04/03/2015 01:50
A perfect show with my best flower,my princess! always so real,not play,feelings and show very attractive! Thanks for my confidant, my sunshine brightening always for us! Kisses Hugs warm ,your poet & gentleman
treepaul 03/03/2015 02:51
Hi my love! my real woman & confidant, your special show is unique! your sweet words ,feelings & heart mixed,i'm happy like a young man, your angel fly with you,kisses real hugs in my arms! Stay my Star my lover princess!!!!! a gentleman poet
treepaul 10/02/2015 01:40
A so charming show with my prefered secret flower! Always feelings & thinkings real ,two hearts in one! i appreciate you for your straight soul,your class & charm! I love you for always! Stay my Star in my life! Bisous from a gentleman poet
treepaul 05/02/2015 00:48
A so splendid marvellous woman wit large heart too,same feelings & thinkings between us,merci for confidant,mon coeur! Not playing,so real! I'm happy hear & see this woman! kisses Hugs
treepaul 05/02/2015 00:40
A so cut show,but real woman, i love you so much,darling! kisses hugs warm in my arms! Not play,she's real feelings & heart. kisses hugs ,soon return
treepaul 05/02/2015 00:31
My dear good show with a sweet charming woman! Feeelings are same,heart to heart,mon amour! je t'aime! Cut connection,return now soon! kisses from a gentleman poet
treepaul 03/02/2015 01:13
A so splendid moment together for long time! Always same feelings & thinkings,two hearts in one! Thanks for your smile & laugh! Kisses Hugs my confidant! Je t'adore for your spirit,large heart & charm! Your gentleman poet
treepaul 20/01/2015 00:59
A so wonderful show with my real confidant,two hearts in one,straight love,sweet words,more artistical words & moments ,je t'aime ma chérie! Thanks for this moment alone,i feel same feelings & thinkings! Your natural beauty is my gift! My Star bright for me in my life! a poet gentleman
treepaul 17/01/2015 01:21
A so marvellous show with a wonderful woman ! Sweet words ,real feelings & thinkings together,same heart! Merci, i appreciate you real confidant & sincerity in show! Thanks for all! Stay my sunshine & Star for life. Kisses Hugs in my arms,your poet gentleman.
treepaul 16/01/2015 01:31
A so marvellous show always real! Same heart together,sweet real words,feelings & thinkings! Mon amour,je t'aime! Your beauty is my sunshine in my life! All pleasant moment here in show! Stay my Star for life! Your poet gentleman
treepaul 15/01/2015 01:33
A so marvellous show with my special confidant! all same feelings & hearts in one unique person! My soul for you always,my ddear princess! Not play with sweet words,real & adorable woman! Her class,beauty & charm are these qualities i like! Soon my Star in my life! Your poet
treepaul 12/01/2015 00:38
A so splendid show with my special confidant! Always sweet words,she réconfort moi when i've no moral! je t'aime mon amour! Thanks for your person in my life! Every day,you're with me! A candle bright for you,my Star,oh my Muse!
treepaul 10/01/2015 00:07
A best show with sweet words,real feelings too! i laugh with a so adoragle confidant & lover ! Exchanges ,i do the clown too; We need together of that show, everytime in same heart,soul & spirit too! Stay my Star,bright long time for me! Oh my Muse: your poet gentleman
treepaul 09/01/2015 00:46
A so marvellous moment together! Some good laughs between two hearts mixed in one! Real feelings and thinkings, je t'aime! Always sweet words & exchanges, real straight love, stay like that,my Star bright in the sky! Be my sunshine every day! Kisses from artist & poet
treepaul 07/01/2015 14:56
A so marvellous show! i'm feel better when i hear these sweet words,real feelings & two hearts in one! Thanks for all my dear love! Stay like that all time with me! Seven stars at least! Kisses hugs warm my Muse
treepaul 04/01/2015 00:17
A so marvellous moment with a woman sensible,real feelings & same heart! Always sweet words,honest words & adorable person in her show! My gift hear,see her beauty! Stay like that mon amour,bright for me long time,seven stars for her! a gentleman poet. Kisses Hugs
treepaul 02/01/2015 16:09
A very good little moment with you now! A best feeling ,your heart with mine! in one heart! I respect you as never! I've totally confidant on you & word! Merci mon amour! be my Star lng time!!!!
treepaul 31/12/2014 14:49
My best woman,it's my best show today, i love you always as you love me! I'm here for you and never i lie you,i'm franc, i say you true! My real love is for you,thanks for this moment alone! Be my star always! your jean paul gentleman poet
treepaul 16/12/2014 01:26
A so marvellous real show! so adorable special woman,confidant,love & passion are our life's guide! Your heart & your sensibility are my gifts too,our words exchanged in a total symbiose are like flowers,stars & sunshine along the milky way! Thanks for all,my love! Kisses Hugs in my arms, your gentleman poet
treepaul 15/12/2014 01:11
My special show with a princess! short moments alone,in same heart! Happiness,joy & love,three words for us! real feelings & same ideas in same time,what pleasant moment,have i! My confidant & Star! Bright for me long time! Seven Stars at least
treepaul 14/12/2014 01:33
A so special show! too short,but i'm feel well cause hear sweet words ,real feelings & thinkings,two hearts in one! As always,our souls are on same ideas,mixed! My Muse,my Rose,i love you, stay my sunshine & Star in my life.Seven stars in the night!!! your poet gentleman
treepaul 13/12/2014 02:18
A so charming show! best moment in these days,real feelings & thinkings,two hearts in one for life!Stay my confidant so adorable,real class & harmony in your body! Thanks for your special gift!!!! Your gentleman poet,here always for you! Seven Stars in the night for me,are you!
treepaul 12/12/2014 02:08
A good moment with adorable woman;feelings so special,same ideas too! Wonderful show,laugh to laugh, thanks for all, i'm better when i see you like this! Kisses my princess,your gentleman poet!!!!!!!
treepaul 12/12/2014 01:57
A so short moment,cut connexion! Come back soon! je t'aime,so real feelings & thinkings mixed in one heart! My Star bright for me too long time!
treepaul 11/12/2014 00:26
A so wonderful moment with real feelings & thinkings in same heart! two hearts in one,merci mon amour!!! You're my star, my princess & siren,all that in the same person! Harmony & Symbiose for us!!! Seven Stars! Your gentleman & protector angel.
treepaul 10/12/2014 00:22
My splendid wonderful show with my so sweet confidant! Always same feelings,more strong now! I love you ,te iubeste asa until end of life.....Very charming,class & sensibility in this woman! Merci mon coeur! Stay my Star for long time! Seven Stars,your gentleman poet
treepaul 07/12/2014 00:03
My so charming & real best show this tonight! Always real feelings ,two hearts in one! SWeet & hot words for confidant lover! Merci, stay my Star long time,bright in my life forever... Seven Stars at least, a gentleman poet.
treepaul 02/12/2014 14:49
A so charming show with my best confidant! feelings & thinkings in same heart! two hearts in one,a symbiose ,totally on sameideas. Best show with class & special real artist! Stay my Star long time, seven stars here! your gentleman poet!!!!!
treepaul 01/12/2014 01:13
A so marvellous show with a gift today! Two hearts in one between two real lovers,so complicity & same feelings,thinkings! Merci mon amour! My Star stay with me for life! Kisses Hugs from your gentleman poet
treepaul 28/11/2014 01:29
A short but wonderful show with so special woman! Always real feelings,not playing in her show,she does a real show! Two hearts in one,same thinkings in an harmony! Respect & Love for this princess! All my soul with her! My Star stay with me forever,bright in my life! A gentleman poet
treepaul 25/11/2014 00:46
A so marvellou show,the best from long time! always real exchanges,real feelings & thinkings! two hearts in one! an angel too,so adorable,class,charm & sensibility! Une femme extraordinaire! Come see her,you're not disappointed! Stay my sunshine & real Star!!! Seven Stars at least, your gentleman poet
treepaul 24/11/2014 01:22
A so special show! lover woman & lover princess! So real in her show!Sweet feelings & thinkings! a woman who like romantism,sweet words & caresses, very sensible! Come to her,more pvs with her,she merit your attention. Te Iubeste asa, your gentleman poet, Your jean paul
treepaul 22/11/2014 01:30
A marvellous show with a confidant so real and sweet words ,heart to heart in one! Thanks mon amour for moment alone,you missed me. See this princess is my gift,stay my Star until my death, kisses A gentleman poet
treepaul 22/11/2014 00:56
A so charming show! i love you my darling,so real feelings & exchanges,y sunshine in my life! i 'm feel happy My Star is here! thanks for all! Stay with me long time. Bisous from a gentleman poet...
treepaul 20/11/2014 01:06
My so special show! Real feelings & thinkings,a marvellous moment together! My Star is ready to appreciate all demand in show! But,respect and amour are our letmotiv! Kisses Hugs,a gentleman
schumacher009 18/11/2014 03:02
Luna tu es magnifique merci beaucoup pour ton show
treepaul 18/11/2014 01:14
A so special show! real feelings & thinkings in one heart! Sensuality & class are yours gifts in show! Marvellous harmony between us, i love my confidant! See you soon! Be my Star for always,your gentleman poet.
treepaul 16/11/2014 01:40
My so special woman and show tonight! Always adorable & class in her sweet words & thinkings. So real,no play in her show. Be my Muse for long time,my Star brightening in my life,soul and heart.Kisses from a gentleman poet
treepaul 14/11/2014 01:47
Oh my God! This show so real,very special woman, class and charm are these qualitie. Sweet words and stright in her show! More loving moments, je suis impressionné! Stay my Star in my life,seven stars like the Great Bear! Kisses,a real poet
treepaul 12/11/2014 01:11
Merci my dear for this bonus! show interesting and very special! A woman like that it's a pleasant gift! Thanks very much ,bisous tendres,mon coeur avec toi for always.
treepaul 12/11/2014 00:47
A so wonderful show tonight! Marvellous moments together in the same spirit,sweet real words and feelings. I love my princess & Star! Bright long time in my life,my Muse & Star. Kisses from your gentleman poet!
treepaul 10/11/2014 16:17
SO special but pb with cam,i don't understand,my love! Je t'aime beaucoup ma chérie! I see you tonight
jeancool69 10/11/2014 14:38
treepaul 06/11/2014 01:18
My so special wonderful show with a confidant,sweet real words,feelings mixed between two hearts1 So real ,not playing with thinkings,you inspire me! My lover Rose,my wife,je t'aime. Kisses my Star for life.
treepaul 06/11/2014 00:56
A good moment together,but cut by connection bad! I'm sad,but return soon for see & hear my Star! Bisous, so real feelings and words!
treepaul 04/11/2014 16:01
My so real best afternoon with a marvellous woman! together in one heart! i love her attitude and so sweet words for us,real in these feelings! merci my love,i love you so much! Stay so adorable my Star.
treepaul 31/10/2014 15:04
Oh what so wonderful show this afternoon! I'm happier see this special woman,so real feelings together. I appreciate her attitude and respect for me too. My Star bright for me long time! Kisses
treepaul 30/10/2014 01:33
My best moment today with a charming and class woman! So hard feelings together in one heart,same thinkings and sweet words! Real special woman in my life! Soon together,my love. My star ,thanks for all!
treepaul 29/10/2014 00:55
A so splendid show too short! i return soon mon amour! My special woman. kisses