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General Information

What is

Are the online Performers really live?

How can I have video session with a Performer?

Is Registration really free?

Is any software installation required to view the Performers?


What services are free?

What are paid services?

What is a Private Session?

How do I leave a Private Session?

What is the price per minute of a Private Session?

Can I add credits to my E-Wallet without interrupting my Private session?

How do I join a V.I.P. Session?

How do I cancel my V.I.P. subscriptions?

Information on adding credits.

How do I add credits to my E-Wallet? Who is managing my E-Wallet?

How is my privacy secured?

Are there any recurring fees?

What if I need technical support or information for adding credits to my E-Wallet?

Account Information

How do I register?

Can I create multiple accounts?

I lost my password, what should I do?

I don't remember my user name, what to do?

Why I can't save my login details to my favorites Passwords application?

How do I check the credit balance of my E-Wallet?

How do I close my account?

Questions regarding Performers

Can I exchange personal information with Performers?

How can I find more information about a Performer?

How can I send messages (like email ) to a Performer?

How do I read a message I receive from a Performer?

How do I add Performers to "My Favorites"?

I want to be notified when my favorite Performers are online -- is that possible?

How do I rate Performers?

How do I add my comments to a Performer profile?

Private Sessions interactivity technical questions

How can I talk with a Performer via microphone?

How can I share my webcam with a Performer (Cam2Cam)?

Troubleshooting and Technical information

I plugged my microphone in however the Performer can't hear me, what can I do?

My webcam works on my PC but the Performer can't see me, what can I do?

Testing audio and webcam

Contact information

How do I contact your support service for other technical questions?


What is "Loves" feature?

Where can I find the "Loves" filter?

Can I give "Loves" to multiple Performers at once?

When it's recommended to give my "Loves"?


What is bonus?

Does the Performer have to do anything special to receive a bonus?

In what situations is recommended to send a bonus to a Performers?

Can I make special requests to Performers in exchange for bonus?

Xclusive and SneakPeek

What are Xclusive and SneakPeek features?